Stone cutter Vyacheslav Ivanov
Clown decoration watch
Wood and stone carver Vyacheslav Ivanov lives in the city of Gatchina, Leningrad Region. In his works, Vyacheslav Robertovich uses various techniques, has his own secrets and techniques.
Miseroni – family of stone cutters
Lapis lazuli goblet in a gold frame with enamel, emeralds, pearls and rubies in the form of a dragon, length 18.9 cm, Gasparo Miseroni, circa 1565-1570, from the collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Kunstkamera.
Among the European nobility in the 16th and 17th centuries, works of art made of precious and semi-precious stones were extremely highly valued. Of course, these treasures, a
Purpurine in Faberge products
This large boat shaped purpurine ladle in a gilded silver frame stands on a stand with gilded silver supports in the form of oncoming waves by Julus Rappoport before 1896.
The most famous works of the Faberge firm are, of course, imperial Easter eggs, stone-cut figurines, jewelry flower arrangements. However, this is far from a complete list. It
​Peter Müller stone carving
Pair of macaws in lapis lazuli on an albite base height 43 cm Peter Muller.
Peter Müller was born in 1952 near Lucerne, Switzerland. Having completed professional training in international banking, he began a career in this field. But at some point in
Erwin Pauli
Carved citrine. 75x66 mm, Erwin Pauli, Idar-Oberstein, Germany.
Erwin Pauli is considered one of the best gem and cameo engravers in Germany at the end of the 20th century. Erwin has been studying the craft since
Dieter Roth and Andreas Roth. Glyptic.
“Cleopatra on the steps of the temple”, intaglio, reverse carving, carved crystal plate mounted on two carved citrine lions placed on a black obsidian base over a rock crystal plinth. Intaglio by Dieter Roth, design by Manfred Wild.
Dieter Roth was born on May 3, 1948 in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, into a family that has traditionally been engaged in cutting crafts since the 17th century. Dieter Roth
Stonecutter Gerd Dreher
Kakadu, Aquamarine, 18k gold, height 162 mm
Gerd Dreher is a dynasty of stone-cutters from the German city of Idar-Oberstein. The first carver in the famous family was Karl Dreher (1861-1943), who passed on his
Ronald Stevens stone carving
Rabbit with rabbit, chalcedony
American jeweler and stone cutter Ronald Stevens grew up in sunny California. The love of art and the culture of surfing defined his interests and allowed Ronald to
Dieter Jerusalem eggs
A collection of 850 stone-cut eggs from minerals from around the world, cut by Dieter Jerusalem.
Dieter Jerusalem is a famous diamond cutter from Idar-Oberstein, he is proud of his surname for good reason. Not everyone can trace their lineage back to the Crusades.
Rainbow of gems in the works of Konstantin Libman
Pink opal box (Australia) with two removable brooches (silver, enamel, Australian opals, emeralds, sapphires). 25x16x12 cm. Jeweler - Denis Vedernikov, artists: Ivanna Kharchenko, Konstantin Libman.
Konstantin Libman, a Russian master stone cutter, is the founder and director of Gems Art Studio. Over time, the studio found its own style and its fans. In