Chinese style in the interior
A screen encloses part of the room.
Chinese style in the interior home comfort in the style of feng shui The Chinese style in the interior is one of the directions of ethnic design, which
Emile Galle – faience
Faience cats with polychrome floral decoration, height 33 cm, circa 1900
Emile Galle was born in Nancy (Lorraine) on May 4, 1846 in the family of Charles Galle-Reinemer, an entrepreneur who produced art glass and ceramics. After the death
Art Deco masterpieces. Lacloche.
Chinoiserie table clock with diamond hands and numbers, decorated with a mosaic panel of mother of pearl and precious stones by Vladimir Makovsky, Lacloche Frères, circa 1925.
The year of creation of the Lacloche Frères company is considered to be 1892. Brothers Jacques and Fernand spent some time in America, and upon returning home they
Burgaute varnish
Metal box and tray, decorated with black lacquer (laque burgauté) in a gold frame, length 12 cm, Johann Martin Heinrici, Dresden, around 1760, from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The technique of inlaying lacquer products with mother-of-pearl originated in China. There are known lacquer objects that date back to the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). The technique has become
African style in the interior
Masks help create a direct association with the Dark Continent.
Африканский стиль в интерьере – один из самых ярких, броских и жизнерадостных видов дизайна. Экзотический африканский стиль привнесет неповторимый колорит Черного континента в интерьер современной квартиры или дома,
Arabic style in the interior
Cozy living room
Arabic style in the interior – spectacular luxury and stunning comfort of oriental life The Arabic style is based on strict Islamic canons and centuries-old oriental traditions, it
Modern in the interior
Interior in modern style.
Modern in the interior: the philosophy of naturalness in an elegant form The Art Nouveau style in the interior is easily recognizable: smooth rounded “natural” lines, complex shapes,
Bionic style in the interior
Bionic style kitchen design.
Bionic style in the interior – a synthesis of nature, high technology and art The bionic style in the interior is a modern design direction, which is characterized
Art Deco style in the interior
More glass gloss glitter of gold.
Art Deco in the interior – the glamorous luxury of the bohemian life of the mid-twentieth century The art deco style cannot be classified as one of the
Provence interior design style
Blue kitchen.
Provence interior design style- the charming charm of the French countryside Provence is an interior design style characterized by the predominance of light pastel shades and the presence