10 most famous architects TOP of the greatest architects
The architectural complex City of Arts and Sciences on the drained bottom of the Turia River. Valencia Spain 1998
10 most famous architects TOP of the greatest architects in the history of mankind 10 of the world’s most famous architects have created stunningly beautiful buildings and structures
Santiago Calatrava Swiss architect
Eastern Station in Lisbon Portugal. 1993–1998.
Santiago Calatrava has long been a cult architect of our time, and his birthday today, July 28, was an excellent occasion to once again remember this. During his
Toyo Ito Japanese architect
Art Center in Matsumoto Japan 2004.
Architect Toyo Ito, winner of the Pritzker Prize (2013) and internationally recognized master, has been at the forefront of change for more than 40 years. Born June 1,
Norman Foster – architect, interior designer, industrial designer, UK
Reichstag building.
Architect Norman Foster is a talented winner of the Imperial and Pritzker Prizes from England, a bright representative of the high-tech direction. Foster’s projects are characterized by scale,
11 facts about Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Martin Luther King Memorial Library in Washington DC 1972.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is considered the most influential architect of the 20th century. His designs and shared vision have shaped what modern cities look like today.
Frank Lloyd Wright – American architect
Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.
Frank Lloyd Wright built hundreds of houses according to his projects, but the city of dreams, led by the architect-leader, never materialized. The beginning of Wright’s career and
André Le Nôtre: court gardener to Louis XIV
Landscape park in Stourhead England.
André Le Nôtre (March 12, 1613 – September 15, 1700) André Le Nôtre – French landscape architect, son of Jean Le Nôtre, chief gardener of the Tuileries, court
Étienne-Louis Boullée: Fantastic Projects of the 18th Century
National Library Paris 1785.
While classical architects measured out the exact proportions of columns, drew blueprints, dug the ruins in Herculaneum, and, in general, bored, Étienne-Louis Boullée erected Newton’s cenotaph, the giant
Januarius Zick – a brilliant German master of fresco painting
The Remy family. 1776
Januarius Zick – a brilliant German master of fresco painting, easel painting and arts and crafts of the XVIII century Januarius Zick (February 6, 1730 – November 14,
Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli a brilliant Italian architect
Smolny Rastrelli Palace 1754
Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli a brilliant Italian architect who became the greatest master of Russian architectural art of all time Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli is often confused with his namesake