Antonio Salviati and Murano glass
Vase in gilded blown opalescent glass, 24 cm high, SALVIATI & C., circa 1890
The revival of interest in Murano glass is associated with the name of Antonio Salviati (1819-1890). Curiously, Antonio Salviati had no experience in glass making. Born in Vicenza
Glass by Lionel Pierce
The design of Lionel Pierce’s work differs from all other products of Thomas Webb & Sons. His work is often compared to that of Eiml Galle. Lionel and
Vasily Semyonov – Silversmith
Silver gilded cup and saucer depicting the Moscow Kremlin, Vasily Semyonov, Moscow, 1885
Vasily Semyonov – Moscow silversmith, owner of a silverware factory, founded in 1852. Semenov’s factory specialized mainly in the production of silverware with niello. The factory was small,
Pino Signoretto from Murano
The largest Murano glass sculpture in the world, 3x4 m, Pino Signoretto.
Pino Signoretto is a famous glassblower from the island of Murano. Patiently blowing masterpiece after masterpiece, Pino Signoretto never repeats his products, even if he is asked to
Museum Venetian glass of the 15th-17th centuries
Goblet depicting a knight with a banner, height 13.4 cm, late 15th century., British Museum, London
The history of glass production in Venice goes back over a thousand years. Although until the 13th century it was a simple glass for household use, which was
Orivit – German industrial company
Pair of glass vases with gilt frames, Orivit, height 29.8 cm, circa 1905.
Orivit is a German industrial company that existed from 1895 to 1905. and known for its art nouveau tin and silver alloys. The company was founded by Ferdinand
Victor Amalric Walter – French glass manufacturer
Chameleon paperweight, Amalric Walter and Henri Berger, height 9 cm.
Victor Amalric Walter (1870 1959) was a French glass manufacturer. After working at Daum for more than 10 years, Walter decided to create his own glass studio after
Paul Stunkard – glassmaker
Bouquet with lotus, diameter 10 cm, Paul Stankard, 2008.
Master glassmaker Paul Stunkard (b. 1943, Attleboro, Massachusetts) creates stunningly beautiful images of plants and flowers encased in clear glass paperweights. In 1961, Stunkard began studying glassmaking at
Sigvard Bernadotte – Prince of Design
Cocktail set in silver design by Sigvard Bernadotte.
Sigvard Bernadotte received his primary education at home, then studied at the closed Lundberg boarding school, and in 1926 he entered Uppsala University, the oldest in Scandinavia (founded
Liberty department store and Archibald Knox
Tudrik travel clock in pewter and enamel 8.6 cm high designed by Archibald Knox for Liberty Co circa 1903.
The London-based Liberty store is widely known for its close association with art and culture. The store is proud to support young designers at the start of their