10 crazy artists: famous names of great creators
Portrait of Camille Claudel in Roubaix, France
10 crazy artists: Francisco de Goya Francisco Goya is undoubtedly one of the most prominent representatives of romanticism, although the painter’s state of mind can hardly be called
Kholmogory bone carving
Icon with a sculptural relief of Saints Peter and Paul made of walrus and ivory, Kholmogory, 18th century.
The folk art of bone carving originated in northern Russia more than four hundred years ago. The most famous center of bone carving was a town located near
The first Christmas cards
Christmas card Merry Return Christmas Comes But Once a Year, circa 1850, from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum.
In 1843, Henry Cole, inspired by the then widespread “universal” cards (in which the sender could include the recipient’s name, event, greeting and signature), commissioned artist John Calcott
Chess chevres
Saracens – figures from the set.
There are many versions of the origin of this game, which has been played by people all over the world for many centuries and generations. The rules of
Shibata Zeshin – Japanese artist and master of lacquer painting
Inro (trifle case) depicting pumpkins and plum blossoms, height 9.5 cm, Shibata Zeshin, circa 1865, from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Shibata Zeshin (1807-1891) was a Japanese artist and master of lacquer painting, who was called “the greatest varnisher in Japan.” Zeshin was born and raised in Edo (modern
Blue Rider – the highest point of German expressionism
Franz Mark. Deer in the Forest, 1913.
The Blue Rider, or Der blaue Reiter is the most significant association of masters of fine art in the history of German expressionism. Formed in 1911, the group
Expressionism a shocking emotional movement in the art
Ludwig Kirchner, Dresden Street.
Expressionism a shocking emotional movement in the art of the 20th century The founders of Expressionism refused to see their purpose in the traditional reproduction of reality. Expressionism
Steampunk subculture, art style or genre of literature?
Utopia poster about flying machines in steampunk style. End of XIX century.
Steampunk most often displays an openly cynical and pessimistic view of people’s lives. Along with this, parodic and comedic motifs are often used, ridiculing greed, vanity, debauchery and
Faberge cigarette cases
Golden cigarette case covered with green guilloche enamel and adorned with diamonds by August Holming Faberge 1899 1904
In the middle of the nineteenth century, the ban on smoking in public places was canceled, which the newspaper Severnaya Pochta informed all Petersburgers on July 15, 1865.
Products of Chinese glassmakers in pâte-de-verre technique
Rabbit and cabbage figurine
The technique of creating pâte-de-verre glass products was most developed in the 19th century in France, although its techniques were known in earlier times. In our time, work