Japanese crafts: pewterware Osaka Naniwa
Osaka Naniwa contemporary pewter ware
Osaka Naniwa pewterware is the name of a traditional Japanese craft that originated around Osaka. Osaka is often called the second capital of Japan and its ancient name
Volgorechensky jewelry factory Russian Silver
Set of tea and coffee spoons Spruce made of crystal and silver with gilding and emeralds.
The Volgorechensky jewelry factory “Russian Silver” produces in small series collections of highly artistic silverware in the Russian style. The unique design, high quality and affordable price made
Tsugaru lacquerware
Inro box for small items Tsugaru nuri in the style of Ogawa Haritsu known as Ritsuo 1663 1747 decorated with a golden wasp on pewter lotus boxes Edo period 1615 1868 late 18th century.
Japanese crafts: Tsugaru lacquerware Tsugaru lacquerware is a traditional Japanese craft that originated about 300 years ago in the Tsugaru area of ​​Aomori Prefecture. Tsugaru Nuri features unique
Belleek porcelain
Basket with lid decorated with flowers BELLEEK Co FERMANAGH circa 1870 1890.
The most interesting products of the factory from Northern Ireland are wicker baskets and stucco decoration in the form of flower bouquets. In a special department, craftsmen weave
Erwin Pauli
Carved citrine. 75x66 mm, Erwin Pauli, Idar-Oberstein, Germany.
Erwin Pauli is considered one of the best gem and cameo engravers in Germany at the end of the 20th century. Erwin has been studying the craft since
Donald Judd American artist
Donald Judd 100 untitled rolled aluminum works, 1982–1986
American artist who really did not like to give names to his sculptures and founded a huge open-air museum in Texas with his own money. Donald Judd (June
Alexander Calder is the inventor of unique mobile sculptures
Alexander Calder 1927 (Mounted horse)
Alexander Calder is the inventor of unique mobile sculptures and a recognized master of kineticism Alexander Calder became famous for the creation of the so-called “mobiles” – movable
The most expensive Christmas tree decorations made in Europe
The most expensive Christmas tree decorations made in Europe. Toys from Krebs Glas Lauscha
Do you believe that Christmas tree decorations can be worth a fortune? We conducted a research and found out – there are such toys for which collectors will
Sculptor and artist Dashi Namdakov
Dashi Namdakov
The family business of the Namdakovs presents a unique collection of designer dolls. Dasha’s relatives have been fond of this art for more than 10 years, the first