Gustav Gurschner
Vase, gilded patinated bronze, height 18 cm, circa 1900
Gustav Gurschner (1873-1970) – Austrian artist, sculptor, master of arts and crafts, who worked in the Art Nouveau style, was born in the family of surveyor Alfons Gurschner
Josef Lorenzl Art Deco table sculpture
Three Dancers Josef Lorenzl height 22 cm silvered bronze ivory onyx circa 1925
The most famous sculptors who worked in the genre of table sculpture in the period between the two world wars were, of course, Demeter Chiparus (France) and Ferdinand
Arman – a brilliant French artist
Composition of button accordion and books.
Arman is a brilliant French artist who abandoned his career as a painter in time to become a world-famous sculptor. Arman is a famous American artist of French
Käthe Kollwitz – a brilliant master of engraving and drawing
Kathe Kollwitz Farewell 1940 1941
Käthe Kollwitz is a brilliant master of engraving and drawing, a brilliant sculptor and the first artist to become an honorary professor at the Berlin Academy of Arts
Louise Bourgeois – American artist
Louise Bourgeois Bench in the form of eyes
Louise Bourgeois (December 25, 1911 – May 31, 2010) is a famous American artist of the twentieth century, a prominent representative of modernism, surrealism and feminist art. She
Donald Judd American artist
Donald Judd 100 untitled rolled aluminum works, 1982–1986
American artist who really did not like to give names to his sculptures and founded a huge open-air museum in Texas with his own money. Donald Judd (June
Alexander Calder is the inventor of unique mobile sculptures
Alexander Calder 1927 (Mounted horse)
Alexander Calder is the inventor of unique mobile sculptures and a recognized master of kineticism Alexander Calder became famous for the creation of the so-called “mobiles” – movable
Augustin Pajou – a unique French sculptor
Ideal Female Heads 17
Augustin Pajou (September 19, 1730 – May 8, 1809) was a famous French sculptor of the 18th century, an outstanding representative of classicism. Augustin Pajou was one of
Alexander Archipenko – Ukrainian sculptor
Alexander Archipenko King Solomon smaller version created in 1963
Alexander Archipenko used voids in his works in an original way and skillfully mixed different genres, and also created many works in the styles of realism and constructivism.
Microsculptures by Willard Wigan: scientists shocked, queen delighted
Microsculpture trees
Briton Willard Wigan creates the smallest sculptures in the world. In all details and colors they can be seen only under a microscope. Patience and hard work is