Enamel patterns by Ivan Saltykov
Silver gilded mug with a lid, decorated with the image of the monument to Minin and Pozharsky on Red Square by Ivan Martos, and a floral ornament in the technique of cloisonné enamel, height 19.7 cm, Ivan Saltykov, Moscow, 1895
Silversmith Ivan Saltykov, who lived in Moscow at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, glorified his name by producing incredibly beautiful dishes in the Russian style,
Iron lace by Edgar Brandt
Wrought iron peacock, 102 x 120 cm, Edgar Brandt, 1925
Fireplace grates and screens by Edgar Brandt amaze with the elegance of the lace pattern. Brandt’s individual style took shape in the early 1920s. Such material as iron
WMF – Art Nouveau
Figured vase in the form of two winged girls with a blue glass insert
WMF (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik) has a history of more than 170 years. Today it is an international concern that produces a huge range of household goods. And in the
Antique silver with enamel in the art of jewelers of the two capitals
P. Ovchinnikov's firm. Casket, 1881
Antique silver with enamel adorns the expositions of the leading Russian museums in the country. Finishing with enamel has been known in Russia since ancient times, but the
Renaissance Buccellati Jewelry
Elisa Sednaoui, Andrea Buccellati is Lucrezia Buccellati
More recently, the Buccellati jewelry company celebrated its centenary. Buccellati is a family business where craftsmen create jewelry in the style of the Milanese Renaissance lush, as if
Louis Vuitton jewelery masterpieces
Louis Vuitton Riders of the Knights Le Royaume earrings and ring with diamonds and sapphires are part of an initial collection of 50 unique gemstones presented in Paris during 2019 Fashion Week
Francesca Amphitheatroph explains that the Riders of the Knights collection is dedicated to important women of the Middle Ages (Jeanne d’Arc, Queen Elizabeth of England or Eleanor of
Birmingham silver – beauty and grace in small shapes
Elkington & Co. Bowl, 1901-1902
Birmingham silver takes pride of place in the expositions of museums and is highly valued by collectors of antiques. The city is often called the silver capital of
Embossing. Saraswati. Indian goddess (panel) 1997 Copper, brass; blackening. 81x88 cm
Embossing is a type of decorative and applied art in which the artist knocks out a relief image on sheet metal with a special tool. Coinage can rightfully