Crystal by Hermann Ratzersdorfer
Nave made of rock crystal in a gilded silver frame decorated with enamel, height 40.5 cm
Hermann Samuel, eldest son of Salomon Ratzersdorfer, antiques and second-hand dealer, born 1815, moved to Vienna in the early 1840s. And in 1843 he opened his own factory
Bohemian glass
Amber-painted carved goblet with hunting scenes, height 21.7 cm, Bohemia, 1841
Glass has been smelted in what is now the Czech Republic since ancient times. The first workshops of glassblowers appeared here at the end of the 13th century
​LOETZ modern table lamps
Elephant figure lamp with iridescent shade by Loetz, patinated bronze, height 48 cm, circa 1900
The firm of Johann Lötz Witwe, known throughout the world as Loetz or LÖTZ, was founded in the 19th century in Bohemia (Austria-Hungary). The company was the first
LOETZ – Art Nouveau vases
Iridescent glass vase with metal overlays, height 21.5 cm, LÖTZ, circa 1900
The firm of Johann Lötz, known throughout the world as LOETZ or LÖTZ, was founded in the 19th century in Bohemia (Austria-Hungary). The company’s founder, Johann Lötz Witwe,
Baccarat: French crystal crunch
Vases Baccarat
Baccarat is not just crystal glassware, jewelry and chandeliers. This is the amazing art of glass blowing. These are colored crystal, inlaid with gold and silver, multicolor enamel
Moser factory – royal shine of crystal
Set of dishes
High society receptions, parties at the top officials of companies and states, diplomatic and royal receptions – what unites them? Protocol, dress code and … dishes. Namely, Czech