Postmodernism style in the interior a game without rules
The style of postmodernism is a direction that has absorbed many features a little bit from the avant-garde, a little bit of eclecticism, a bit of historical interiors.
Bungalow style in the interior
Bungalow style living room with low ceilings.
Bungalow style in the interior: tropical relaxation without leaving home The bungalow style in the interior is a colonial interior style that evokes associations with holidays in hot
10 most famous architects TOP of the greatest architects
The architectural complex City of Arts and Sciences on the drained bottom of the Turia River. Valencia Spain 1998
10 most famous architects TOP of the greatest architects in the history of mankind 10 of the world’s most famous architects have created stunningly beautiful buildings and structures
Pierre Jaquet Droz
The Parrot Repeater automaton watch adorned with precious stones was released in a single copy for the 280th anniversary of the Jaquet Droz company.
The famous Swiss mechanic Pierre Jaquet-Droz (1721-1790) became famous for his interior animated clocks with singing birds and fountains, music boxes with singing birds and android automatons, mechanical
Gérald Genta Swiss designer
Fine and rare skeletonised gold pendant watch with diamonds Gerald Genta circa 2000.
Gérald Genta (1931–2011) is a Swiss designer and artist who has become a legend, who is called the “Picasso of watchmaking”. During his life, Gerald Genta (more often his
Sigvard Bernadotte – Prince of Design
Cocktail set in silver design by Sigvard Bernadotte.
Sigvard Bernadotte received his primary education at home, then studied at the closed Lundberg boarding school, and in 1926 he entered Uppsala University, the oldest in Scandinavia (founded
Ferdinand Barbedienne
Pair of goblets made of cobalt glass in a gilded bronze frame Ferdinand Barbedienne Paris late 19th century
Ferdinand Barbedienne, a French foundry and industrialist, was born into a farmer’s family. He was apprenticed to a Parisian paper manufacturer, and by 1834 he was already a
Matthew Bolton
Pair of Sevres porcelain vases in gilded bronze 57 cm high Matthew Bolton and John Fothergill circa 1775
Matthew Bolton Georgian style and the industrial revolution. Matthew Bolton, English industrialist in furniture and Josiah Wedgwood in ceramics. Biography Bolton was the son of a Birmingham maker
Jazz style in the interior
Jazz restaurant.
The creative heritage of the era of the “roaring twenties” Jazz style in the interior is a design trend with a century of history, suitable for creating a
Mannerism style style in the interior
Lots of paintings and chairs.
Mannerist style in the interior – the aesthetics of pathos and the logic of mannerism The Mannerist style in the interior is not about restraint, it is about