Zaha Hadid architecture of the future
Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku
The buildings invented by Zaha Hadid amaze the imagination and become important landmarks of the cities in which they are built. Biography of Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid was
Miguel Barcelo
Miguel Barceló. 1957
Miguel Barcelo belongs to the small, alas, category of “golden children”. Born into a very wealthy family, he was immersed in the atmosphere of art from infancy: the
Antonio Gaudi – the genius of modernity
Bodegues Güell
Antonio Gaudi left a deep imprint on world architecture. It is almost impossible to visit Barcelona and not see the buildings built by this brilliant architect. Houses designed
Mural monumental urban art on a grand scale
Double mural on Obolon. Created as part of the Mural Social Club festival. By Oleksandr Korban
Mural (from the Spanish muro “wall”) is a kind of monumental painting on large buildings and other architectural structures. A mural is usually a colorful expressive image applied
Charles Garnier the most influential and fashionable French architect
Mausoleum of the Savard family in Saint-Michel, 1882
Charles Garnier is a famous French architect and art theorist of the 19th century, an outstanding representative of the architectural style of Beaux-Arts. The buildings of the opera
Leon Battista Alberti
Basilica of Sant Andrea (Mantua)
Leon Battista Alberti is the great Italian genius of science and art of the 15th century, the founder of new European architecture. In the history of world culture,
Chocolate room
Life in chocolate: a sculptor from Minsk created a real chocolate room Belarusian sculptor Elena Kliment fulfilled the dream of many sweet tooths: the artist created a room
The 10 oldest buildings in the world that are still in use
The 10 oldest buildings in the world that are still in use Old buildings around the world are ready to continue to serve people, fulfilling their original purpose
Lockwood de Forest
Lockwood de Forest. A teak jali featuring floral arabesques surrounding a Tree of Life, inspired by a decoration on the western faзade of
Lockwood de Forest ’s Wall 1881, 54 progressive citizens established the Art Association of Indianapolis under the guiding hand of the uffragette May Wright Sewall. Fourteen years later,
Andrea Palladio
Andrea Palladio. Interior of Teatro Olimpico, 1580
Andrea Palladio – the consummate genius of Italian architecture Andrea Palladio (November 30, 1508 – August 19, 1580). The great architect and theorist of architecture of the XVI