The 10 oldest buildings in the world that are still in use

The 10 oldest buildings in the world that are still in use
Old buildings around the world are ready to continue to serve people, fulfilling their original purpose or changing to meet modern needs.

oldest buildings in the world

The oldest buildings in the world: Dominican Church in Holland

In 1280, a cathedral was built in the Dutch city of Maastricht by the efforts of Dominican monks. For two centuries, it performed its functions, and then it was closed. Later, the property became the property of the city authorities.

On the territory of the temple, at various times, a bicycle warehouse and a garage for cars were placed, reptile exhibitions and fighting matches were organized, and on the eve of Christmas, the cathedral was opened for fair traders.

In 2007, the building was purchased by the management of the world book chain “Selexyz”, and now a unique bookstore has settled in the ancient walls. Under the terms of the contract, the architects were forbidden to change the interior interiors – the work had to be carried out “without a single nail”. They did an amazing job!
10 of the oldest buildings in the world that are still in use

oldest buildings in the world

The King’s Farm in the Faroe Islands

It is not known exactly when the oldest surviving wooden house was built. Presumably – in the XI century. Since there are no forests on the islands, it is possible that the building was moved from another place. At the beginning of the XI century, it housed the bishop’s residence and a theological seminary.

The house is not only perfectly preserved, but also fully habitable. Since the middle of the XVI century, along with the land, it has been leased from the authorities by the Patersson family. “The King’s Farm” became their ancestral estate, which has grown for 17 generations.

Heshi Hotel in Japan

The oldest hotel in Japan, the Heshi Hotel, received its first guests in 717 AD. It is located in the suburb of Komatsu.

Almost 50 generations of the family that runs the hotel have passed, but the business seems to have been so successful that the purpose of the building has not changed. It still houses a hotel with a traditional Japanese set of services: overnight accommodation and spa treatments in healing springs. The room rate is 300 euros per day.

The Pythagorean School in Britain

Cambridge’s only non-religious building is also the oldest. It was built before the opening of the University of Cambridge in the early 13th century. There is evidence that in the middle of the XIII century, the first mayor of Cambridge lived in the mansion. Today, it is part of the university and hosts student performances.

“The cellar of the Monastery of St. Peter” in Austria

oldest buildings in the world

The owners of the oldest European restaurant claim that the” St. Peter’s Cellar ” in Salzburg is mentioned in the annals of 803 AD. As many centuries ago, the institution is located on the territory of the monastery. In the XVIII century, the interiors were redesigned in accordance with the popular Baroque style at that time. According to legend, Mozart himself came here to taste a good beer. Today, guests are treated to semolina strudel and fried capon in port glaze.

Maiden Tower in Estonia

oldest buildings in the world

The first mention of the fortress tower “Neitsithorn” is found in the chronicles of 1373. According to legend, the tower received its name because of its original purpose — it contained ladies of easy virtue.

The structure has seen enough in its lifetime. It housed a prison, then the tower was turned into an ordinary residential apartment building. The building was renovated in 2012. Today, the most popular coffee shop in the city has found its home in it.

National Library in Prague

The National Library in Prague has been functioning since 1366. Its regular readers are 60 thousand people, and the number of visitors per year exceeds one million. The library is considered one of the oldest collections of manuscripts, and it was awarded the international prize “Memory of the World” as a pioneer in the digitization of ancient manuscripts.

Windmill in the Netherlands

Built in 1630, the windmill is located in the suburb of Ede. This is the oldest building of this kind in Europe, where the grain is still turned into excellent flour by the volunteers.

Barbershop in Britain

oldest buildings in the world

For two centuries, members of the royal family, Dickens, Byron, Wilde, Churchill, and Hitchcock became clients of the London barber shop “Truefitd & Hill” on St. James. A small barber shop was opened in 1805, and by the 1930s it had become a world-famous empire. Still in the old building, you can shave, and among the bottles on the shelves, you can choose the best lotion.

Church of “Elijah on Slavna” in Russia
oldest buildings: Church of “Elijah on Slavna” in Russia

The first chronicle mention of the church of “Elijah on Slavna” in Veliky Novgorod dates back to 1105. That wooden church was destroyed in a fire, but by 1202 the townspeople rebuilt it from stone. True, this building did not survive, but the foundation was preserved, on which the walls of the new church – an exact copy of the XII century-grew in the XV century. Before the Great Patriotic War, the church was used by citizens for its intended purpose, and after that it turned into a vegetable warehouse, then into communal apartments, then into restoration workshops. Despite the depressing condition of the house, which is included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage list, people still live here.