Painting by Kay Sage.
Desert landscapes of Kay Sage
Kay Sage was born into a wealthy family and in her youth traveled extensively
Temptation of Saint Anthony.
Leonora Carrington, muse of the surreal of two continents
Leonora Carrington (1917–2011). In Russia she is mainly remembered as one of Max Ernst’s
Unknown master Receiving guests on the terrace of a country house. Screen. Around 1725. Oil on canvas, gilding.
Spanish colonial art
The winner is always stronger. Together with the warrior’s boot, a new order, a
The Potato Eaters, Vincent Van Gogh
Artists who died young
The fatal role of the number 37 is usually discussed in relation to poets
Composition Five Dead.
Postmortem: “Five Dead” by Karol Beyer
The earthly path of any person always ends the same way – inevitable death.
A figure of a deity placed on the bow of a canoe, Solomon Islands.
The Oceanian art
The art of Oceania, which covers some 1,800 cultures and languages, has fallen out
Works by Fabre in the interiors of the Hermitage.
Jan Fabre – Belgian artist, sculptor
Jan Fabre: running away from standards If you love postmodern art, then you probably
Auguste Rodin. Thinker.
10 of the world’s most iconic sculptors
Sculpture is an art form that originated in the primitive era and actively developed
Sculptor Stephanie Kilgast.
Stephanie Kilgast: transforming trash into art
The problem of environmental pollution is of great concern to the public. People all
Санта Сэмюэля Робба
Samuel Anderson Robb: master of the “living” tree
  The fate of Samuel Anderson Robb, one of the most eminent woodcarvers working