Vasily Yakovlevich Grachev – cabinet sculpture
A couple riding a horse descending a slope. Bronze from the factory of K. F. Werfel, modeled by V. Ya. Grachev. St. Petersburg. Height 35 cm.
Vasily Yakovlevich Grachev was born in 1831 into a family of simple peasants, but during his 74-year life he managed to become one of the famous sculptors of
Ferdinand Price Art Deco sculptor
Girl at the Fountain, ivory, bronze, marble, Ferdinand Price, circa 1925
Ferdinand Price, one of the six children of Karl Daniel Heinrich Price, was orphaned at an early age. His parents died when he was 15 years old. The
Figurine of a dancer modeled as a table lamp with a Murano glass shade.
Gerdago is the pseudonym of the Austrian costume designer Gerda Gotchlich (Gerda Gottstein, Gerda Irro). Gerda Gottstein (1906-2004) received her art education in Berlin in 1927 and in
Demétre Chiparus
Children playing skittles, Demeter Chiparus, patinated bronze, ivory, onyx.
Demétre Chiparus (1886-1947) Romanian sculptor, studied in Italy with the sculptor Raffaello Romanelli, and from 1912 he lived and worked in Paris. His first works are a table
Claire Colin – art deco sculpture
Egyptian dancer, Claire Colin, bronze, silver, ivory, marble, circa 1930
In the period between the two world wars, when the whole world tried to forget the horrors of war and hoped for better times, Parisian artists, designers, sculptors
Georges Omerth
Harlequin, Clown, Pierrot, bronze, ivory, marble, Georges Omerth
Very little is known about this talented and versatile sculptor. Georges Omerth ‘s life dates are not known. He was a student of the sculptor Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse. Known
Jack Kutu and the art of netsuke
Boar tusk netsuke with boxwood ferret, height 9.5 cm, Jack Kutu
Raymond John Coutu (1924 – 2017) or Jack Coutu, as he later preferred to call himself, was an English engraver, carver, watercolourist and teacher. His work was greatly
Ronit Baranga
Ronit Baranga Plate holding mug in hand
In fact, anthropomorphic cups and teapots are not intended to be used for their intended purpose. They are just sculptures – realistic, sensual, emotional, endowed with character. At
Camille Claudel
Portrait of Camille Claudel in Roubaix, France
“Rebellion against nature: a female genius!” – said the famous critic Octave Mirbeau about Camille Claudel – a brilliant sculptor of his time (1864-1943). At the end of
Miguel Barcelo
Miguel Barceló. 1957
Miguel Barcelo belongs to the small, alas, category of “golden children”. Born into a very wealthy family, he was immersed in the atmosphere of art from infancy: the