Caravaggio is a genius painter
Bacchus 1596.
Caravaggio (1571–1610) was a controversial Italian painter of the 17th century. He was the first to let reality into painting when he depicted a pilgrim worshiping the Madonna
Arman – a brilliant French artist
Composition of button accordion and books.
Arman is a brilliant French artist who abandoned his career as a painter in time to become a world-famous sculptor. Arman is a famous American artist of French
Käthe Kollwitz – a brilliant master of engraving and drawing
Kathe Kollwitz Farewell 1940 1941
Käthe Kollwitz is a brilliant master of engraving and drawing, a brilliant sculptor and the first artist to become an honorary professor at the Berlin Academy of Arts
Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun is a famous French artist
Self portrait.
Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun is a famous French artist who had to flee from death during the years of the revolution. Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun French artist of the
Louis Galle great Belgian artist
Paintings by Louis Gallait adorning the walls of the hemicycle of the Belgian Senate in the Palais de la Nation representing Charles V Isabelle and Albert.
Louis Galle is a great Belgian artist whose unique cycle of historical portraits has adorned the parliament hall in Brussels for 150 years. Louis Galle (May 10, 1810
Hubert von Herkomer – a brilliant painter and graphic artist
Hard times.
Hubert von Herkomer – a brilliant painter, a brilliant graphic artist and one of the first organizers of motor racing in Europe Hubert von Herkomer Hubert von Herkomer
Lovis Corinth German artist
Lovis Corinth Lovis Corinth Lake Walchensee with larch.
Lovis Corinth is a German artist whose work combines different styles and genres in a unique way. Corinth Lovis Corinth – the famous German artist of the late
10 most famous photographers in the world
Frank Horvath les Halles 1957
10 most famous photographers in the world – TOP of the best photo artists of all time The 10 most famous photographers in the world are brilliant photo
Paul Delvaux Belgian artist
Paul Delvaux Harmony, 1927.
Paul Delvaux is a Belgian artist who, from childhood, under the influence of a domineering mother, developed a special attitude towards women. Paul Delvaux (September 23, 1897 –
Renato Guttuso Italian neo-realist artist
Renato Guttuso Cafe Greco in Rome
Renato Guttuso is an Italian neo-realist artist who has maintained sincere loyalty to the ideals of Marxism for life Renato Guttuso (December 26, 1911 January 18, 1987) a