Pyotr Konchalovsky
P.P. Konchalovsky (1876 1956). Basil the Blessed. Red Square. 1932
Petr Petrovich Konchalovsky (born February 9, 1876 – died February 2, 1956) was a bright and extraordinary artist and graphic artist of the 20th century, who worked in
Laura Knight is the most famous British artist
Setting Sun.
Laura Knight – in her homeland she is considered the best British artist and a legendary personality. She lived a long life, reflected in painting all the eras
Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin Russian artist
Boris Godunov. Coronation. 1934.
Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin the best of Russian impressionist painters Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin is the main Russian impressionist of the XIX-XX centuries, who painted many landscapes, portraits and still
Iconic Orientalist artists
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Orientalism allows us to reveal the beauty and originality of the East in European culture. In painting, this style is reflected in the magnificent works of Orientalist artists.
William Holman Hunt – master of allegory
Portrait of Dante Gabriel Rossetti at 22 years of Age. 1853.
William Holman Hunt – master of allegory and one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood William Holman Hunt (born April 2, 1827 – died September 7, 1910)
Ivan Generalic is a representative of naive art of the 20th century
Manure 1942.
Ivan Generalic is a prominent representative of naive art of the 20th century, recognized by his contemporaries as a classic of primitivism during his lifetime. Ivan Generalić (December
Manuel José de Araújo of Porto Alegre
Waterfall in the mountains.
Great Brazilian artist, a pioneer of national caricature and a successful diplomat in the service of the emperor. Manuel José de Araújo Porto-Alegre (November 29, 1806 – December
Johann Friedrich Overbeck – a brilliant German artis
Johann Friedrich Overbeck. The triumph of religion in art. 1840
A brilliant German artist who remained true to the ideas of the creative union “Nazarenes” until the end of his life. Johann Friedrich Overbeck (July 3, 1789 –
Augustus John is a 20th-century British artist
W. Orpen. Portrait of O. John 1899.
Augustus John is a 20th-century British artist whose personal life was a constant subject of discussion in London’s high society for many years. Augustus John (January 4, 1878
The American artist Anthony Panzera
Bouguereau, Hands, #6, The Water Girl, 1885, 2015–17, oil on canvas, 10 x 8 in., private collection
The American artist Anthony Panzera (b. 1941) in 1975–76 he spent a year of independent study in Florence and in 1995 was elected by his peers as a