Famous surrealist artists

Frida Kahlo. Painting
Frida Kahlo – Famous surrealist artists. Painting “Self-portrait on the border between Mexico and the United States”, 1932.

Frida Kahlo de Rivera. Famous surrealist artists

The most famous artist who worked in the surrealist style is Frida Kahlo de Rivera, a bright Mexican woman who is remembered by the world for her love of flowers and communism. At the same time, most forget about other women who devoted themselves to art and plunged headlong into the depths of unreal dreams and the unconscious. Meet the geniuses of female surrealism.

Gertrude Abercrombie. Walk. 1943.
Gertrude Abercrombie. Walk. 1943.

Gertrude Abercrombie is the queen of bohemian artists.

She was born in Chicago into a family of opera artists, lived and worked there. Gertrude had many friends, mostly from a creative environment, but the artist’s favorite theme was loneliness. In most compositions she depicts a lonely woman in a light flowing dress, often with attributes of magic – a black cat, an owl, a broom. Gertrude said that she always draws herself. And in fact, the woman in many paintings is tall and thin, and her facial features are sharp. Just like Gertrude, who often hid her appearance under a pointed velvet hat.

Fenomeno, Remedios Varo

The passionate Spanish woman Remedios Varo Uranga was the daughter of an engineer and was educated in one of the monastery schools. Then, forgetting about strict morals, she married a French poet and moved from Spain to Paris, where she quickly fell under the influence of the surrealists. With the advent of the Nazis, representatives of surrealism faced difficult days, so Varo emigrated to Mexico, where she remained to live forever. Here the artist became friends with Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Remedios Varo worked in the style of postmodern allegory, and her works were often compared to paintings by Picasso, Francisco de Goya, and El Greco.

Roses and their ghosts.
Roses and their ghosts. Dorothea Tanning.

Dorothea Tanning had a long and interesting life.

The oldest representative of the surrealist movement lived until 2012 and died at 102. The American artist often wrote about women’s sexual fears and fantasies, especially in the early stages of her work. Bright, colorful and so lively canvases.

Famous surrealist artists Kay Sage. Tomorrow is never.
Kay Sage. Tomorrow is never.

The daughter of an American senator spent her youth traveling around Europe. Kay Sage (Katherine Linn Sage) received an excellent European education and lived for some time in Italy, where she studied classical art. Then I became interested in surrealism. All of Sage’s paintings are literally saturated with loneliness, doom, and melancholy. Everything stopped in anticipation of trouble, in anticipation of an impending tragic event. Kay Sage committed suicide, never recovering from severe depression after the death of her husband.

Famous surrealist artists Leonora Carrington, The Old Maids.
Leonora Carrington, The Old Maids.
Leonora Carrington comes from an aristocratic family.

A writer, sculptor, and artist, she was fluent in English, Spanish and French. Leonora was imbued with the spirit of surrealism in Paris, from where, like many of her comrades, she fled to Mexico, away from the Nazi occupation. The escape was preceded by frequent nervous breakdowns and treatment in a psychiatric clinic. But this did not stop Leonora from creating in the manner of dream fantasy, Celtic and American mythology.

Famous surrealist artists Star Maker, Remedios Varo
Star Maker, Remedios Varo – Famous surrealist artists.
Famous surrealist artists Veg Vampires, Remedios Varo
Veg Vampires.
Two cats. 1958.
Two cats. 1958.
Max Ernst The Temptation of Saint Anthony.
Max Ernst The Temptation of Saint Anthony.
There below.
There below.
Farewell, Amenhotep.
Farewell, Amenhotep.
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