Rozenburg eggshell porcelain
Dish in the style of flowers and birds eggshell porcelain Rozenburg 1913
The Dutch porcelain factory Haagsche Plateelfabriek Rozenburg, established in 1883, became one of the most famous manufactories producing Art Nouveau porcelain. The rise of the company to the
Flowers and Birds by Samuel Schellinck
Cups and saucers painted by S. Schellinck, eggshell porcelain, Rozenburg, 1900-1914.
The Dutch painter, potter, engraver and watercolourist Samuel Schellinck (1876-1958) born in Utrecht became famous for his Art Nouveau porcelain paintings. At 16, he moved to The Hague
Doulton & Co. Works by Elisa Simmans
Vase painted by Elisa Simmans, height 26.5 cm, Doulton & Co, Lambeth.
Eliza Simmans joined Doulton & Co, a ceramics company in Lambeth, a suburb of London, in 1873. Her creative career in the company was unusually long and fruitful.
Meiji era Satsuma porcelain (Yabu Meizan)
Large Satsuma incense burner with lid, polychrome painting and gilding, Matsumoto Hozan, Yasuda workshop, width 23.5 cm, Japan, circa 1900
Satsuma was the name of a principality in the south of Kyushu (now Kagoshima Prefecture), famous for the production of porcelain. Porcelain production began here in the 17th
Amphora – Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel (RStK) porcelain factory
Pair of porcelain vases with mermaid figurines, height 47 cm, AMPHORA RIESSNER, STELLMACHER
Alfred Stelmacher founded the Amphora company for the production of artistic ceramics in Tern-Teplice, Bohemia. He was born in 1837 in the town of Steinheid in Thuringia, worked
Ludwig Politzer – a classic of Viennese historicism
Silver gilded nave on wheels, decorated with polychrome enamel and mother-of-pearl, Ludwig Politzer, Vienna, late 19th century.
Ludwig Politzer ‘s works were exhibited at international exhibitions in Paris in 1878 and 1900 and were enthusiastically received by the public. Success brought him the title of
Chris Lanoy
Three Anniversary Mushroom Wall Plates, 1924, Faience, Chris Lanoy.
Artistic ceramics. Chris Lanoy Johannes Christian “Chris” Lanoy (1881-1948) was a Dutch painter, potter, designer, ceramist, sculptor and stained glass artist, born in Sint Annaland on the island
Designer William Moorcroft
Pair of vases from the Florian series, height 16 cm, William Moorcroft, circa 1898
Designer William Moorcroft (1872-1945) invented his glazing method and created his own unique style. Moorcroft relied on floral ornaments, and his products became one of the brightest manifestations
Fantastic pottery by Mitchell Grafton
Teapot Generous Cat, Mitchell Grafton, 2021
Ceramist and sculptor Mitchell Grafton lives and works in Panama City, Florida, USA. In 2009, he opened his own ceramics studio, where he creates unique works of art
Theodore Deck – faience in oriental style
Large faience dish in the cloisonné enamel style depicting flowers and butterflies, 60.9 cm diameter, Theodor Dec, circa 1874
Joseph- Theodore Deck (1823-1891) was a famous French potter of the 19th century. Born in Guebwiller (Haut-Rhin), Joseph-Théodore began learning the trade at the age of 20 and moved