Wine labels from great artists
Pablo Picasso. Wine vintage 1973
Everything related to the name of the Rothschilds is marked VIP, “extra”, “elite” and the like. The noble alcoholic beverages produced in the chateau Mouton Rothschild – one
Ernest Hemingway’s pocket watch
A room in Hemingway's favorite bar
The history of one watch: the mechanism of Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemingway’s pocket watch fell into the hands of Christie’s by accident. This is the case when an
Christie’s – the oldest auction house in the world
Auction house Christie's
The oldest auction house in the world: what was sold at Christie’s 200 years ago What was sold at Christie’s 200 years ago, when collecting antiques and works
Royal Worcester is a British porcelain brand.
golden tea set
At the end of the nineteenth century, products made in the UK using the blush ivory technology (ivory color) were very popular, and today they are valuable collectibles.
Folio is an ancient printed rarity with an interesting history.
Ancient tome pages
A folio (from the Latin folium – “leaf”) is an old book of the 15th-18th centuries in folio format (into one typographical sheet folded in half). Due to
Iron Cross German imperial award
Iron Cross with Gold Rays (Large Star of the Iron Cross), sample 1914
The Iron Cross is the only order of Imperial Germany retained in the award system of the Third Reich. Regalia appeared during the era of the Napoleonic wars
Faleristics is a young scientific discipline about old awards
Badge Frachnik Military Academy FP IV Belarus
Faleristics (from the Latin falerae – “metal decoration”) is an auxiliary scientific historical discipline that studies awards, commemorative signs, badges, tokens and uniform accessories. The term faleristics is
Legion of Honor
the highest award in France, awarded by the President of the Republic for military or civilian merit.
The Order of the Legion of Honor stands at the highest step in the hierarchy of French awards. The insignia was instituted at the beginning of the 19th
Orders of Great Britain a tribute to centuries-old traditions
Orders of Great Britain. Most Noble Order of the Garter
The Orders of Great Britain are the highest insignia in the United Kingdom. The English award system can rightfully claim to be the oldest in the world. Despite
The Hudson River School
Albert Bierstadt (1830–1902)
Gorgeous Landscapes Born by Realism and Romance The Hudson River School is an association of landscape painters that formed in the United States in the first half of