William Turner why he is depicted on the new English £20 banknote

William Turner
William Turner

William Turner is a master of romantic landscapes and a forerunner of the Impressionists and one of Britain’s most significant and beloved painters. Recently, the British once again confirmed this. The Bank of England has unveiled a design for a new £20 note featuring a self-portrait of a young Turner. The face for the banknote was selected by voting from 500 possible candidates. All of them were cultural figures.

William Turner on the £20 note
William Turner on the £20 note. English £20 banknote

The modern twenty-pound note features the economist Adam Smith. On the new author’s portrait of the artist is placed against the background of one of his most recognizable paintings – this is the “Last voyage of the ship” Courageous “”. The ship itself is a matter of national pride for the British. He distinguished himself during the Battle of Trafalgar. In that battle, the combined fleet of France and Spain lost 22 ships, and the British lost none.

English £20 banknote. William Turner. The last res of the ship Brave. 1838
William Turner. The last res of the ship Brave. 1838
William Turner. Painting Fishermen at sea, 1796
William Turner. Painting Fishermen at sea, 1796

An interesting fact is that the presentation took place in the Turner Contemporary gallery, located in the resort town of Margate. It stands on the site of the boarding house where William Turner often stayed. In addition to design, the banknote will differ in material. The Bank of England is gradually replacing paper money with polymer money – more durable and protected from counterfeiting. The new banknote will enter circulation on February 20, 2020.

English £20 banknote. British banknotes of the new design
British banknotes of the new design. English £20 banknote.
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