Matthew Bolton
Pair of Sevres porcelain vases in gilded bronze 57 cm high Matthew Bolton and John Fothergill circa 1775
Matthew Bolton Georgian style and the industrial revolution. Matthew Bolton, English industrialist in furniture and Josiah Wedgwood in ceramics. Biography Bolton was the son of a Birmingham maker
Pair of vases with girls on a swing probably George Johnson and Sons Stoke on Trent England height 26.5 cm late 19th century.
The first masters who worked in this technique were Chinese ceramists. Europeans, trying to create similar ceramics, found their own method, which is called “Pâte-sur-pâte” – a French
Marc-Louis Solon
Vase by Marc Louis Solon dated 1876 Mintons height 39.8 cm.
Marc-Louis-Emmanuel Solon was born in 1835 in Montauban (France). Some of Solon’s works attracted the attention of the artistic director of the Sevres manufactory. Solon worked in Sevres
Japanese musen shippo enamels
Silver vase by Namikawa Yasuyuki 1845 1927 decorated with musen shippo enamel depicting Itsukushima Shrine height 10.8 cm circa 1900.
The art of cloisonné enamel dates back thousands of years, having first originated in ancient Egypt. It is believed that in Japan they began to use this technique
Hanna and Florence Barlow
Pair of finches vases by Florence Barlow and Bertha Evans 31.5 cm high Doulton Co.
Hannah Bolton Barlow (1851–1916) and Florence Elizabeth Barlow were artists who painted ceramics for Doulton & Co at the Lambeth Art Ceramics Studio. Usually several people work on
Doulton & Co. Works by Elisa Simmans
Vase painted by Elisa Simmans, height 26.5 cm, Doulton & Co, Lambeth.
Eliza Simmans joined Doulton & Co, a ceramics company in Lambeth, a suburb of London, in 1873. Her creative career in the company was unusually long and fruitful.
Franz Bischoff – the most delicate roses
Jug with grapes on a vine, height 21 cm, 1900
Franz Bischoff (1864-1929) received his artistic education in Vienna and then in Dresden, studying the art of Chinese painting. In 1883 he emigrated to the United States, where
Agate bowls in the collections of museums around the world
Bowl made of Urazov jasper (“meat agate”) with handles in the form of intertwined snakes made of gilded bronze, height 28.5 cm, Imperial Yekaterinburg Lapidary Factory, Russia, 1804, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
Precious Agate bowls in the collections of museums around the world
Works by Jules Barbet
Cameo vase with lizard in relief, decorated with enamel by Jules Barbet, height 17 cm, Thomas Webb & Sons, circa 1880-1890.
Jules Barbet, one of the leading gilders and glass enamellers of the late 19th century, was born in Paris in 1847, where he later trained as a decorative