Vietnamese artist Xeo Chu

The artist depicts a cave.
The artist Xeo Chu depicts a cave.

Personal exhibition of a little genius: 12-year-old Vietnamese presents paintings for 150 thousand dollars

An 12-year-old boy from Vietnam paints pictures and sells them for a lot of money. The Vietnamese artist Xeo Chu is called a genius. An 12-year-old boy draws beautiful paintings, sells them and shows them in art galleries. The exhibition titled “Big World, Small Eyes” is taking place at the George Bergès Gallery in New York. The boy draws four-meter landscapes and large-scale abstractions. Colorful canvases are not cheap – the cost of some of them reaches 150 thousand dollars and there are a lot of people who want to buy the work of a little genius.

Xeo Chu at work
Xeo Chu at work
Leaves and flowers in the sky.
Leaves and flowers in the sky.

The name of the Vietnamese painter became known to the owners of the George Bergès Gallery thanks to the numerous clients of the gallery living in Singapore and Vietnam who enjoyed viewing Xeo Chu’s paintings. The organizers of the personal exhibition of the Vietnamese boy are sensitive to the feelings and wishes of the young genius. The event, which will last until January 2, 2020, has already attracted the attention of collectors. The organizers found buyers for the works of Xeo Chu: two paintings were sold for 80 thousand dollars each.

Artist painting spring grass
Artist painting spring grass.
Autumn in Canada
Autumn in Canada.
Spring grass. Xeo Chu
Spring grass.
yellow abstract Xeo Chu
Yellow abstract.
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