The painting Walk. Lady with an umbrella – Claude Monet

Claude Monet. The painting “Walk. Lady with an umbrella , 1875
Claude Monet. The painting “Walk. Lady with an umbrella , 1875

“Stroll. Lady with an umbrella ”- a painting by Claude Monet (Oscar-Claude Monet) in 1875, in Argenteuil, where the artist lived with his wife Camille and son Jean. The master created his masterpiece in the open air, while walking around the neighborhood. A summer day appears before the viewer. The figure of a woman is depicted from a lower angle and is slightly shifted to the right.

The author marked the diagonal with the shadow falling to the left and down. The rush of folds of fabric and the slope of the grass create an amazing sensation of air swirling around an imaginary axis. Confident strokes, pure colors with a predominance of white and blue, give the impression of weightless lightness. It seems that now the painter’s muse will raise an umbrella and fly away after the clouds. A small figurine of a child, depicted up to the waist, creates an additional feeling of free space near the main character.

Title of the painting: “Walk. Lady with an umbrella “(French La Promenade).
Author: Claude Monet (1840-1926).
Year of writing: 1875.
Size: 100 x 81 cm.
Style: Impressionism.
Genre: Portrait. Scenery.
Technique: Oil painting.
Material: Canvas.
Location: National Gallery of Art, Washington.

The painting Walk. Lady with an umbrella – Claude Monet – a fleeting image of the beloved impressionist, captured for posterity

Claude Monet is a famous French impressionist painter of the 19th century, one of the founders of this amazing trend in painting. In the seventies, the landscape master pays a lot of attention to depicting people. It was during this period that he creates a genre scene full of grace, lyrical sadness and purity, without deviating from the characteristic techniques of his work.

He uses large brushes, practically does not mix paints, applies strokes one on top of another in the seeming chaos, from which a feeling of light and movement arises. Another title of the work: “Camille Monet with her son Jean.” At the 1876 exhibition, it went almost unnoticed, although it earned critical acclaim.

At the end of the same year, Claude Monet sold The Walk. Over the next century, it went through many hands, until in 1983 the next owner, American philanthropist Paul Mellon, donated it to the National Gallery in Washington. The painting “Walk. Lady with an umbrella “Claude Monet is the most famous of the painter’s works. It reflects the essence of the impressionist look, as if stopping the bright moment, which the master so wanted to preserve.

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