The Capture of the Snow Town by Vasily Surikov

Vasily Surikov. Painting Capture of a snow town 1891
Vasily Surikov. Painting Capture of a snow town 1891

The painting “The Capture of the Snow Town” by Vasily Surikov is a cheerful scene of folk fun

“The Capture of a Snowy Town” is a painting in which Vasily Ivanovich Surikov captured a cheerful winter game of Siberians in 1891. Meeting spring, people built a snow fortress and split into two teams, one of which held the defense, and the other attacked.

The artist recreated the most culminating moment of the action: the city is taken, a dashing rider on a bay horse crushes the snowy walls. An excited crowd follows him. Joy and enthusiasm are read on the ruddy faces of young people. On the right and on the left are people in sleighs taking an active part in the fun.

Despite the abundance of characters on the canvas, the face and clothes of each person are written out thoroughly and carefully. The artist even gave the horse some human features. Thanks to rich tones and scrupulously traced details, the author managed to convey fun and unstoppable energy with amazing accuracy.

The author of the picture: Vasily Surikov (1848-1916).
Year of writing: 1891
Size: 156 x 282 cm.
Style: Realism.
Genre: Household.
Technique: Oil.
Material: Canvas.
Location: State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

Vasily Ivanovich Surikov is a famous Russian painter who worked at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries.

An artist famous for historical works. After the death of his wife, he left for his homeland in Krasnoyarsk to cope with the grief of loss. It was there that he began work on the painting “The Capture of the Snow Town”. This picture became the only large-scale canvas of the master, which depicts a moment in the life of ordinary people. She was able to regain interest in life and work.

For a modest fee of three buckets of vodka, Surikov asked the local youth to build a snow fort and play its capture in order to make sketches and sketches. And he drew several characters from his relatives and friends.

The author finished the work two years later, while in Moscow, and presented it at the exhibition of the association of the Wanderers. The audience reacted ambiguously to the idea and execution. Some critics expressed dissatisfaction with the unexpected simplicity of the plot for the author. To others, the colors seemed too colorful and clumsy. But there were also those who appreciated the cheerfulness of the work and its unusualness.

As a result, the painting “The Capture of the Snow Town” was bought by a private collector. And nine years after its creation, the masterpiece received a medal at the World Exhibition in Paris. The painting “The Capture of the Snow Town” by Vasily Surikov is a positive scene filled with the joy of life, energy and enthusiasm. It demonstrates the courage and character of the Siberians. The picture conveys the flavor of traditional folk amusements. Since 1908, the work can be seen in St. Petersburg in the collection of the State Russian Museum.

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