Ivan Shishkin. Painting “Haystacks. Preobrazhenskoe , 1890

Painting Haystacks Preobrazhenskoe by Ivan Shishkin

Ivan Shishkin. Painting “Haystacks. Preobrazhenskoe , 1890
Ivan Shishkin. Painting “Haystacks Preobrazhenskoe , 1890

Haystacks. Preobrazhenskoe – a painting by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin, painted in 1890. It miraculously combined the simplicity of the plot and the great skill of the painter, who managed to convey the beauty of his native nature surprisingly fully.

Painting Haystacks. Preobrazhenskoe by Ivan Shishkin – a rural landscape breathing with warmth and serenity

The central elements of the composition – neat stacks of golden hay – stand in neat rows, casting soft shadows over the cut grass. A path winds along the field, a small fence can be seen a little further. Everything looks very neat, testifying to how carefully and skillfully local peasants tend to the meadows.

In the background, the crowns of mighty trees rise upward. The deep green color emphasizes the density of the forest. The sky is covered by a large white-gray cloud, leaving only a small piece of azure color. However, the cloud carries not anxious anticipation of a thunderstorm, but rather a premonition of refreshing coolness amid a sultry summer day. The whole picture is filled with an atmosphere of peace and rural peace.

Title of the painting: Haystacks. Preobrazhenskoye “.
Author: Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin (1832-1898).
Year of writing: 1890
Size: 70.5 x 93 cm.
Style: Realism.
Genre: Landscape.
Technique: Oil painting.
Material: Canvas.
Location: Private collection.

Ivan Shishkin is a 19th century Russian artist, famous for his realistic landscapes, imbued with love for the Russian land.

In adulthood, Shishkin fell in love with spending summer time in the vicinity of Preobrazhenskoye station. From early morning he went for a walk in search of a suitable nature and painted two or three sketches a day.

Haystacks Preobrazhenskoe, like other works of Shishkin, impresses with filigree precision in the image of the smallest details, each of which plays an important role in the composition.

The author lovingly writes out not only large elements – haystacks and forest, but also pays attention to even barely noticeable trees on the horizon, very accurately conveys the texture of the ground on the path, notices the shades of the mown grass, ranging from light green to dark yellow, the play of colors of the summer sky … All this provides the viewer with the opportunity to plunge into the unhurried atmosphere of a warm summer day, to fully experience the charm of a simple village nature. Painting “Haystacks. Preobrazhenskoye “by Ivan Shishkin is a vivid example of the author’s unique ability to notice beauty in simplicity and convey it to the viewer with amazing truthfulness.