Gustav Klimt. Painting Danae, 1907-1908

Painting Danae by Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt. Painting Danae, 1907-1908

“Danae” is a painting by the famous Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, a kind of interpretation of the famous ancient Greek myth. Zeus was captivated by the beauty of a girl imprisoned in a dungeon, and appeared to her in the form of a golden rain. It is believed that the work depicts the moment of conception. We see how the raindrops merge with the body of Danaë. Distortion of proportions, the pose of the heroine, as if in a tight space, her facial expression – all this gives the image even more sexuality. Ornamental elements, golden shades smooth the impression, making the work erotic, but not vulgar.

Author: Gustav Klimt (1862-1918).

Year of writing: 1907-1908

Size: 77 x 83 cm.

Style: Symbolism, modern.

Genre: Mythological.

Technique: Oil painting.

Material: Canvas.

Location: Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria.

Painting Danae by Gustav Klimt – an ode to female sexuality, inspired by mythical motives

Gustav Klimt is an artist of the XIX-XX centuries, one of the most famous representatives of Viennese Art Nouveau. Nude female nature occupied an important place in the painter’s work. In his works, all the sensuality and sexuality of the fair sex is personified.

In the late 90s. The nineteenth century begins the “golden period” in the work of the master. Traveling to Italy, Gustav Klimt visited cathedrals and churches. There he was fascinated by the luxurious mosaic, the author appreciated the decorative appeal of gold. It was during this period that Danae was written.

According to ancient Greek myth, King Acrisius received a terrible prediction: his own grandson would become the cause of his death. Then he locked his daughter in prison so that no man could get to her. Of course, this could not become an obstacle for the powerful Zeus. Critics at one time did not speak very flatteringly about “Danae” and other works of the author. A lot of stinging remarks fell on him, including about the immorality of the paintings. Nevertheless, Gustav Klimt was a favorite of the public all his life.