Jewelry house of the Grachev brothers
A set of twelve silver gilded vodka cups decorated with cloisonné enamel, height 4.2 cm, Grachev Brothers, St. Petersburg, circa 1890.
The jewelry house of the Grachev brothers was famous for its products in the Art Nouveau and Neo-Russian styles. The company produced silverware decorated with embossing, engraving, cast
Christmas gifts from Christopher Nigel Lawrence
Surprise mushroom in gilded silver, height 15.5 cm, Christopher Nigel Lawrence, London, 1982.
Christopher Nigel Lawrence was born in 1936. He studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London. He organized his own workshop and created jewelry and
​Christmas gifts from Stuart Devlin
A collection of six silver and gold plated Christmas themed surprise gifts in the shape of an egg by Stuart Devlin, 6.4 cm high, 1983-1988.
Surprise Egg by Stuart Devlin Stuart Devlin (1931 2018) was born in Australia. There he began his working career as an art teacher. But he was attracted to
Jack Kutu and the art of netsuke
Boar tusk netsuke with boxwood ferret, height 9.5 cm, Jack Kutu
Raymond John Coutu (1924 – 2017) or Jack Coutu, as he later preferred to call himself, was an English engraver, carver, watercolourist and teacher. His work was greatly
Bears for Destruction by Daniel Arsham
Gypsum Bears by Daniel Arsham
American artist and sculptor Daniel Arsham made an unusual gift to contemporary art lovers. He released a limited edition of plaster bears, the owners of which will be
John Ellicott – Royal Watchmaker
Gold pocket watch decorated with agate, Ellicott, London, circa 1758.
John Ellicott (1706-1772) was born the son of a watchmaker who was a member of the Honorable Society of Watchmakers. This Society was formed by Royal Charter of
Chatelain: fashionable and functional accessory
Authentic, beautifully stocked, 19th century châtelain
The fashionable wardrobe of the 18th-19th centuries was limited to a narrow set of elements – a dress, a cape, a hat, shoes. The women’s dress of that
Wine labels from great artists
Pablo Picasso. Wine vintage 1973
Everything related to the name of the Rothschilds is marked VIP, “extra”, “elite” and the like. The noble alcoholic beverages produced in the chateau Mouton Rothschild – one
Folio is an ancient printed rarity with an interesting history.
Ancient tome pages
A folio (from the Latin folium – “leaf”) is an old book of the 15th-18th centuries in folio format (into one typographical sheet folded in half). Due to
Immersive exhibition
Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition
Magical effect of complete immersion of the viewer in the artist’s world Immersive exhibition – an exhibition in which viewers get acquainted with the work of the artist,