112 Hargesheimer Art Auctions will last 4 days

112 Hargesheimer Art Auctions. Lot 2286
112 Hargesheimer Art Auctions. Lot 2286

112 Hargesheimer Art Auctions will last 4 days – more than 2,000 unique pieces of art are put up for auction

Hargesheimer Art Auctions invites connoisseurs of beauty from all over the world to take part in a grand event. From 8 to 11 September 2021, 112 art auction will be held, where you can purchase any of 2,370 unique lots. Additional information about the auction can be found on the links:

  • AUCTION 112-I: Jewelry and Watches.
  • AUCTION 112-II: “Crafts”.
  • AUCTION 112-III: “Paintings of the 19th century”.
  • AUCTION 112-IV: “Sculptures”.
  • Hargesheimer Art Auctions

Since 2007, Hargesheimer Art Auctions has been organizing large-scale art sales events. Frank Hargesheimer has been the unchanging leader of the company since its inception. The headquarters of the international auction house Hargesheimer Art Auctions is located in Germany, in the city of Dusseldorf, at Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, 11-12.

Hargesheimer Art Auctions offers collectors a noteworthy selection of unique masterpieces at auction.

112 Hargesheimer Art Auctions. Lot 2003
112 Hargesheimer Art Auctions. Lot 2003

Most often, the auction house specializes in the sale of:

  • paintings by old masters; Russian and Greek icons;
  • items of contemporary art;
  • sculptures and furniture;
  • jewelry and watches.

The colorful catalogs of the German auction house always contain detailed information about the art objects for sale. The buyer has the right to pay for the purchased lot in cash, check or bank transfer.

112 Hargesheimer Art Auctions

112 Hargesheimer Art Auctions will take place in the very beginning of autumn 2021 – September 8-11. For the convenience of buyers, 2,370 items put up for auction are divided into 4 separate groups, and their sale will be carried out on the following days:

  • September 8 – “Jewelry and Watches” (500 lots).
  • September 9 – “Crafts” (841 lots).
  • September 10 – “Paintings of the XIX century” (567 lots).
  • September 11 – “Sculptures” (462 lots).
Lot 1524
Lot 1524
Among the many masterpieces for sale, the lots stand out:
  • No. 486. ARMBANDUHR BLANCPAIN LEMAN TOURBILLON watch. Estimated cost – € 29,000.
  • No. 1524. Sumerian sculpture of the XXII century BC “Bust of King Gudea”. Estimated value – € 30,000.
  • No. 2003. Painting by the French artist Henri Moret “The Po-Aven River” (1856). Estimated cost – € 20,000.
  • No. 2286. Marble sculpture of the Belgian artist Guillaume Gefs “Lion in love” (1853). Estimated value – € 50,000.

Take part in 112 Hargesheimer Art Auctions and expand your collections with unique masterpieces of art. The grandiose event starts on September 8, 2021 and will last four days.

Lot 486.
Lot 486.
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