Rabbit and cabbage figurine

Products of Chinese glassmakers in pâte-de-verre technique

Glass figurine Pumpkin symbolizing prosperity and wealth.
Glass figurine Pumpkin in pâte-de-verre technique.

The technique of creating pâte-de-verre glass products was most developed in the 19th century in France, although its techniques were known in earlier times. In our time, work in this technique is rare. But there is a glass factory in China that uses techniques invented by French glassmakers in the 19th and early 20th centuries. To create color transitions and effects in the product, colored glass crumbs are used, which are poured or poured into a mold in the form of a finely ground powder diluted with water or an adhesive solution.

Tazza Harmony height 26 cm.
Tazza Harmony height 26 cm.

For the production of such figured products, Chinese craftsmen use the technology of “melting wax”. René Lalique experimented a lot with this technology at the beginning of the 20th century. His most interesting and valuable works were created in the technique of melting wax. Lalique borrowed the idea from master casters and applied it to create his glass masterpieces.

At the initial stage, the master creates a prototype of the future product from clay or modeling plastic. The prototype is used to create an outer silicone mold, which is then filled with melted wax. The wax model is removed from the silicone mold after the wax has hardened, poured with a solution of refractory material and placed in an oven. The heat causes the wax to melt and flow out of the pre-drilled holes. This step is called deparaffinization. When the wax completely flows out, a hollow form of refractory material is obtained, and glass raw materials are laid in this form. In the next step, the mold filled with glass is placed in the kiln. After cooling, the outer mold is broken into pieces to obtain a product that is left to be washed and polished.

Dish for fruit Tiger.
Dish for fruit Tiger.
Rabbit and cabbage figurine
Rabbit and cabbage figurine
Vase Colorful fantasy.
Vase Colorful fantasy.
pâte-de-verre Vase Luck.
Vase Luck.
Business card holder Daye.
Business card holder Daye.
pâte-de-verre Bowl Mushroom Shuangzhi.
Bowl Mushroom Shuangzhi.
pâte-de-verre Glass sculpture a symbol of good luck.
Glass sculpture a symbol of good luck.
pâte-de-verre Dish Harmony.
Dish Harmony.
pâte-de-verre Dish Elephant.
Dish Elephant.
pâte-de-verre Snails on a bamboo shoot.
Snails on a bamboo shoot.
pâte-de-verre Wealth for the Rat.
Wealth for the Rat.
pâte-de-verre Talisman of good luck.
Talisman of good luck.
pâte-de-verre Rich life.
Rich life.
pâte-de-verre Rich Jade Rabbit.
Rich Jade Rabbit.
pâte-de-verre Jewelry box Happiness for two.
Jewelry box Happiness for two.
pâte-de-verre Box with dragon and phoenix.
Box with dragon and phoenix.
pâte-de-verre Treasure within a treasure.
Treasure within a treasure.
pâte-de-verre Chinese dragon.
Chinese dragon.
pâte-de-verre Thousand Year Dragon Ruyi.
Thousand Year Dragon Ruyi.
pâte-de-verre Dragon and Phoenix.
Dragon and Phoenix.
pâte-de-verre Dragon Yuanlong.
Dragon Yuanlong.