Porcelain Wallendorf
Figurine Putti with a goat. Porcelain. Germany. Wallendorf. K.Steiner. The beginning of the twentieth century
Wallendorfer porcelain is produced in one of the oldest manufactories in Germany, located in the Thuringian town of Lichte. Unlike many well-known ceramic manufacturers of the 18th and
Ludwigsburg porcelain a rarity and a desirable find for a collector
decorator and artist of the Gottlieb factory Frederick Riedel (1724–1784). the year of creation of the service is 1772 -1773. Items are in museums and rich private collections
The manufactory was founded by order of the Duke Karl Eugen von Württemberg for the production of art pieces of the highest quality from hard porcelain. Ludwigsburg porcelain
Shanks & Co: Victorian Jewelry
Shanks & Co silver cigarette case
The Shanks & Co brand in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was well known not only in tsarist Russia, but also in Europe. Unfortunately, this trademark
What is soft porcelain
British porcelain plate. 1887
Soft porcelain differs from hard porcelain in a smaller amount of kaolin and clay in the composition. Instead, the content of other substances, mainly vitreous additives, has been
Hoechst Porcelain
Porcelain Hoechst
Höchst porcelain has been produced since 1746 in the eponymous district of Frankfurt am Main. The Hoechst manufactory is one of the oldest not only in Germany, but