Arnold Böcklin
Self-portrait with wife
Arnold Böcklin – an outstanding master of mythological scenes and the author of the famous “Isle of the Dead” Arnold Böcklin (born October 16, 1827 – died January
Mikhail Klodt
Mikhail Konstantinovich Klodt (born December 30, 1832 – died May 16, 1902) is an outstanding Russian landscape painter of the 19th century, whose biography is imbued with serious
Louis Le Nain
Louis Le Nain. Painting La Famille heureuse ou Le Retour du bapteme, 1642
Louis Le Nain (born about 1593 – died May 23, 1648) is an outstanding French artist of the first half of the 17th century, the founder of the
Francisco de Zurbaran
Spanish master of religious subjects: biography and paintings   Francisco de Zurbaran (baptised 7 November 1598-died 27 August 1664) was a famous Baroque painter, representative of the Golden
Lev Feliksovich Lagorio
Lev Lagorio. Painting
Lev Feliksovich Lagorio – the genius of the seascape and majestic mountain views Lev Feliksovich Lagorio (born December 9, 1826 – died November 17, 1905) is a genius
Hans Holbein
Holbein Hans the Younger (1497 - 1543). Northern Renaissance.
Hans Holbein. Northern Renaissance. Hans Holbein the Younger, an artist of the German Renaissance, was almost completely devoid of religious painting and is less associated with the medieval
Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo. Painting
The biography of the creator is inseparable from his works. Frida Kahlo’s life was filled with tragic events. Polio left her lame in her early childhood. The right
Paolo Uccello
Paolo Uccello. Stained Glass Christmas, 1443.
Paolo Uccello The history of mankind can easily be imagined as a series of various battles. Many people have forgotten, but some entered the chronicles: some due to
Andrea Palladio
Andrea Palladio. Interior of Teatro Olimpico, 1580
Andrea Palladio – the consummate genius of Italian architecture Andrea Palladio (November 30, 1508 – August 19, 1580). The great architect and theorist of architecture of the XVI
Fra Beato Angelico
The Adoration of the Magi (with Fra Filippo Lippi) - 1440-1460 - wood, tempera - Washington, National Gallery
Fra Beato Angelico – canonized painter-monk Fra Beato Angelico (born around 1400 – died February 18, 1455) is a famous Italian artist of the first half of the